Our Policy on Copyrighted Works: 


Customers are held responsible and liable for all of the images that they upload. That means that customers must have the appropriate permission for the image in order to place an order. The photograph copyright owner is the person who is eligible or allowed to make any such "derivative work", like converting the photograph to an oil painting or a print on canvas.


A copyright is created from the very moment the photograph was taken and continues for the lifetime of the photographer plus an additional seventy years after his or her death. Purchasing a photo from a photographer does not automatically grant access to do any “derivative work” unless express written consent has been given by the photographer.


Failure to follow the copyright laws could result in civil or criminal penalties by law.


In order to reproduce a photo from a photographer, just contact the photographer first to ensure that proper permission is given to do such work.


Prohibited Photos: 


We are not responsible for obtaining permission for the photos or images that are uploaded by customers. We do reserve the right however, to refuse or reject any uploaded item that might harm or offend certain individuals. This could be related to other religions, races, etc. Customers must accept full responsibility for what they upload.


We Are Committed To Your Privacy


We are fully committed to your privacy. All the information provided by customers will remain private and will not be shared with any third party company. The only information that will be kept by us will be a customer's name, address, and his or her email address. Credit card information will never be kept. Payments made through PayPal will always be secure and passed through antifraud systems.


Changes to Terms and Conditions


We have the right to change, add, or remove any part of the terms and conditions at any time. Any changes to the terms and conditions will be effective immediately. Using this site means that you agree to these terms and conditions and are accepting of any changes to these terms and conditions. Always check this page to stay informed of the latest changes.