5 Original Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

In case you forgot, Mother’s Day is coming up on May 10th, so it’s about time to start thinking what to get for your perfect mom. And this day is also an important date for all special mothers you may know: aunts, sisters, grandmothers and even your friends that will love to get a present! Therefore this is a perfect opportunity to show some love and some thanks for everything that this special person did for you. We are sure that your mother tried so hard to make all of your birthdays unique, so you should make some effort and get...Read more

10 Amazing Home Interior Design Ideas

There’s no place like home. And wouldn’t it be nice to come home every night to something that will inspire you and speak to you? Something that is exactly the way you want it to be? And if you put some extra effort and some imagination into interior design there will definitely be no place like your home. All people are different and like different things, therefore it would be great if your home reflected your personality. That’s why we chose some cool home interior designs that put creativity to a whole new level! These photos can inspire you to make your own dream house or create...Read more

Adorable Before And After Cat Photos

Prepare yourself for cuteness overload! Because when it comes to animals, is there anything cuter than a fluffy, playful kitten? Now imagine seeing that kitten growing older but still refusing to grow up. That’s why we love these before and after photos of cats – it’s great to compare changes and notice differences, as animals seem to keep their characteristics even though they get bigger. Keep this in mind and take your own before and after photos, and meanwhile here are 22 photos that will warm your hart and make you cherish every moment with your cat (or get you to...Read more

Perfect Timing Photos

No matter how good photographer you are, catching the right moment in photos is all about how luck, so timing is everything! Therefore anyone can capture a great photo (with any kind of camera) without even noticing it! And funny and unexpected things happening in those photos are usually something that we don’t even notice in real time. Internet is full of great perfect timing photos and that’s why we made our own compilation of these photos to show you the beauty of the right time and the right moment (and often the right angle). Enjoy! Photo-bombing is one thing,...Read more

Taking the Perfect Self-Portrait

One thing about taking a photo of yourself, it can be a lot more stress-free than photographing someone else, or having someone else photograph you. Mistakes are no big deal, you can just delete them before anyone else sees them. So if you’re thinking it’s time to capture yourself in a frame-worthy shot, go for it! You can handle your own personal photo shoot. Here are five steps to help you get started. Work on Your Smile Practically everyone looks better when they smile, and you’re probably no exception. Before you start working on that perfect photo, see if there’s...Read more
A wonderful family canvas

Digital Photography Techniques for Photographing Children

A wonderful family canvas You’ve decided to take the perfect picture of your child to translate into an oil painting, water color or pencil sketch, and you want it to be perfect. If you follow a few simple hints, it can be fairly easy to get just the photo you want to create a work of art that you’ll treasure. Just pay attention to a few technical details, and you’ll have your little one properly immortalized in no time. Pay Attention to Lighting As much as possible, use natural light. If you can photograph your child...Read more

Choosing the Right Frame For Your Decor

When choosing a frame for the perfect photo, oil painting, sketch, watercolor, or virtually anything else that you want to display in your home, it’s important to you that the overall effect is compatible with your home décor. Obviously, you’re not going to want to go to all the trouble of finding just the right piece of art only to destroy the effect with a substandard frame. You’ll probably have to spend a bit of money (this definitely isn’t a project for the dollar store!), but the final result will be well worth it. Here are some things to think...Read more

Choosing the Perfect Picture Frame for Your Photo or Portrait

Beautifully colored canvas If you’ve bought the perfect picture, or even better, taken it yourself, you’re going to want to make sure that you showcase it in the perfect frame. Obviously, interior decorators are old hands at matching art to frame, but if you’re like most of us, you could probably use a little help making the decision. Here are some hints that will help you match your picture to just the right frame. Remember That It’s All About the Art The frame has to work with the art; not the other way around. So first,...Read more

Taking Your Photo from a Facebook Wall to a Bedroom Wall

Recent reports confirm that 300 million images are uploaded to Facebook every single day, according to BusinessInsider.com. That is over 3,470 pictures being uploaded to this website every single second! The average person will more than likely not take over 3,470 pictures in their lifetime much less within a single day. However, these are the types of figures that are accumulated day in and day out. Keep in mind that this astonishing figure does not even include the millions of photos that are being uploaded to other popular social media platforms each day – such as Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr....Read more

Getting the Perfect Photo to Print on Canvas

Printing a photo on canvas can be a great and surprisingly affordable way to display your picture as a work of art. To print it and make sure it looks its best, follow a few important steps. Photo canvases have certainly become a very popular option. That’s because they go a step further than just putting a picture in a frame on the wall. They have a sense of artwork, taking your everyday picture into something you will be proud to display. There are a few things you need to know before you can transfer your picture to canvas, though,...Read more