Our Company

The PaintYourLife Studio was created to help customers create their own custom art. The studio offers a fine collection of handmade paintings, prints on Canvas, and a collection of other graphic design services. Many customers purchase artwork for home and office decoration, while others prefer to give these one-of-a-kind artworks as gifts.

The studio was started back in 2006 when a group of highly talented artists were hired to create handcrafted oil paintings as representations of photos from customers. The idea was to make high quality artistic masterpieces affordable for everyone. It did not take long for this idea to take off either. Within just a few months, the popularity of the company grew so much that more highly talented artists were needed. Customers truly appreciated the artwork that was created and many come back to place more orders to use as gifts for family and friends. The handmade artistic paintings are something that is really unique and which stand the test of time.

By 2008, the studio had expanded even further. A new line of products was introduced which included custom prints on canvas, Pop Art editing, and oil reproductions from famous artists.

The main thing that makes the studio stand out among similar companies is our commitment to the customer. Each and every customer receives outstanding customer service. Everything is inspected by an artist to insure that it is an absolute masterpiece. If there are special needs, then the artists do everything possible to meet those needs. The end goal is to insure that every customer walks away fully satisfied with their art.

Customers are kept up to date on the progress of every order. During this process, only the latest techniques and best materials are used. The result is a quality-finished product. Attention is paid to every small detail. PaintYourLife has serviced well over 20,000 satisfied customers throughout the United States and Europe.

We welcome you to Paint Your Life with us!

Meet Some Of PaintYourLife’s Talented Team Members

  • artist Angellina Artist

    Born in 1981. Angelina studied both architecture and design for four years. She added fine art elements to her architectural and technical drawings, developing her artistic techniques in adding original style, color, and flair to her graphic work.

    Angellina began her career at a graphic house, learning how to work at a fast pace to meet short deadlines but still maintain the high quality of her work. She continued her work experience at a comic studio where she learned digital painting and specialized techniques for adding textures, effects, and details.

    Angellina specializes in photo editing styles like Che, pop art, Lichtenstein, and graphic. She loves drawing the human shape and enjoys what she describes as “many lovely moments” working on her projects. She feels this type of painting is a modern way to decorate and personalize a home.

  • artist Lidia Artist

    Lidia was born in 1986. She completed a bachelor’s degree in computer graphics and animation with a specialization in graphic design. She also studied traditional fine art and has been interested in all kinds of visual arts ever since, constantly exploring new styles and techniques to develop her skills in digital art.

    Lidia is also a keen photographer and practices yoga.

    When asked about her special interests, she replied, “most of all I like bringing smiles to people’s faces, and painting for them a personal digital portrait is one great way of doing it.”

  • artist Ludo Illustrator

    Ludo was born in 1984. He is a graphic designer and digital illustrator for PaintYourLife, ludo is also an artist of many skills and varied interests.

    As well as being a dedicated singer/songwriter in a band, he runs a self-made underground handcrafted publishing company, Ludo also does silkscreen printing, and is the author of published books, fanzines and articles. His varied background includes having worked as an illustrator for comics and books, and as a theater actor, and he also works as a freelance graphic designer of flyers, posters, magazines and books. He has worked as a digital illustrator for the PaintYourLife galleries since 2007.

  • artist Daphne Artist

    Born in 1984 Daphne is an industrial designer who also works as an illustrator and studies luthier (the art of constructing stringed instruments), her two passions. She has worked as an artist for PaintYourLife since 2007.

    Daphne specializes in painting portraits in the Graphic and Pop Art styles. “I love to draw close-ups of people and animals; I see each subject as a special individual and I use all my skills to capture that special gesture or expression…the spontaneous smile, the loving look, the innocent children’s gaze…so the portrait will capture the genuine personality of the subject.”

  • artist Yolanda Master Painter

    Born in 1982, Yolanda is an outstanding painter. She graduated from art school and has since dedicated her time to mastering oil painting techniques. Yolanda brings a special vibrancy to all of her paintings and is one of our most requested artists. Her paintings allow the vibrancy and reality of the real world to shine through. She has a unique and special ability to see through to the tiniest details of a paintings, and the finished product always reflects this dedication to detail.

    Yolanda specializes in creating oil painting portraits and her paintings are always colorful and vivid. Her main interests are art and music. A true artist she loves the world around her and takes inspiration from everything and everyone that she comes in contact with.